"Good equipment, good price, good instructor, good time management during in-person class, the classroom itself was nice, large TV in the room with good audio for the short videos we watched."


   Blended Learning Pediatric CPR/First Aid & AED

"Linda is an excellent instructor and facilitator. Highly recommend this program! "

Georgia M.  

   I'm Retired! Now What Do I Do With The Rest Of My Life?

"The teacher’s ability to share her talent and encourage students to try new techniques stood out. The demos and critiques were very helpful."

Diane S.  

   Intermediate & Advanced Watercolor

"Good time of meeting new people and enjoying the game of sheepshead. Well organized. "

Bruce M.  

   Sheepshead Tournament

"Yes, Mary is extremely organized which makes the class flow smoothly. It is awesome to have an instructor that is so prepared!! It would be great if other instructors would take a page out of Mary’s book, so that instead of running around trying to find stuff, they could focus on teaching. (I have taken many classes from many different organizations and I have to say Mary is a superb instructor and you are lucky to have her!!)"


   Festive Easter Candies

"It was a great combination of classroom time explaining the science of it all followed by a walk out to the hut behind the school to see where it all happens. Mike's teaching style and abilities are amazingly clear and easy to follow."

Brian G.  

   The Science Of Maple Sugaring

"Personable, experienced and extremely well-informed instructor with a terrific handout which allowed me to keep exploring and learning."


   iPad/iPhone - Tips, Tricks & Techniques

"The professional kitchen, setting, the expert instruction, and fun personality of the teacher"


   Rustic Sour Dough Breadmaking

"Instructor was funny, knowledgeable, and creative. He was great! We got to try two types of bread and came home with a starter kit."


   Rustic Sour Dough Breadmaking

"Super fun atmosphere and I get a good workout and now love being in the water more than I ever have. "

Heather S  

   Waves (Water Fitness Class)

"The teachers were positive and encouraging, made it fun for the kids (and for the parents to watch)"


   Ice Skating

"Instructors were amazing and patient. Started off with skills right away and made me feel like the class was worth time and money"



"Mary is organized and has thought out and planned for each step, so that no detail has been overlooked. It really provides a solid framework for the class. I have taken many classes over the years from different venues, instructors, etc. and when the presenter is lacking supplies, time management etc. it makes for a disappointing experience. Mary is an exceptional instructor and you are lucky to have her!!!"


   Valentine's Chocolate Truffles

"We've taken swim lessons at a variety of other places in the area, Elite, JCC, etc. and Cindy is by far the best swim instructor in the area. ''


   Swim Lessons

"Marion has decades of experience, as do many members of the class. There is a community that has been built over the years and they welcome new participants in graciously."


   Stained Glass

"This program exceeded my expectations. Shiquita is a wonderful teacher and she delivers her candle making experience like a true pro! I absolutely loved not only learning about the process and art of making candles, but having the opportunity to bond with wonderful women and set my intentions. I hope to attend additional candle making experiences with Shiquita - she is an inspiration!"

Michelle T.  

   Candle Making Experience

"Jacqui teaches great patterns and is always very patient with the wide range of talents of the participants"


   Ballroom Dance

"The experience and playing skills exhibited by the trainers was simply remarkable. Their abilities, overall skills and personal involvement in playing the game, added to the total credibility of the class."

Craig Z.  

   Sheepshead Class

"This program was excellent :) My son is already excited about next year! The coaches were awesome- it was very well organized, everyone had an awesome attitude. Wonderful, wonderful program!!"

Brooklyn H.  

   Flag Football

"You all did a great job! Very well organized and you all were so sweet and kind! You definitely made my week with just a bit of kindness! Thanks so much again for all that you have done to put on a great show! "

Samantha L.  

   Autumn Artisan's Fair Vendor

"The instructor was so prepared - she was spot on with all the details. I have never taken a class that had this level of preparedness, it took it to another level."


   Classic English Toffee And Peanut Brittle Class

"Laura Crum is a wonderful teacher! She presented thoughtful lessons in a clear and consist way. They way she presented the information was easy to understand, and she was so encouraging and kind. I would definitely take another class with Laura! In fact, our class was asking her to do an “advanced” de cluttering class for us 😀"


   Conquering Your Clutter

"The program was very well organized by the coaches and the communication between the coaches and parents was excellent. It was also great seeing some of varsity girls coming out to help each week as well as engage with the younger players. "

Sheila K  

   Nicolet Youth Girls Basketball Skills and Drills

"Tim and Kobe were able to instruct individually even with approx 55 people. The drills were beneficial and I have grown to love the sport. Tim was always receptive to emails and questions on the court!!"

Noreen N.  


"The instructors were welcoming, very knowledgeable, and they made the class exciting for my daughter. She came home and we had a great family discuss on how to incorporate safety/self defense for our family." "J.K. Lee is the best!! Thank you Mrs. Kludt and Mrs. Holcomb!"


   Family Safety And Awareness/Self Defense

"It was a calm, supportive atmosphere for the kids. Our daughter was so proud of herself and her painting!"

Alyssa C.  

   Youth Painting Class

"Cindy is an excellent instructor. She challenged us and began class with a no nonsense approach, which I appreciated but I was definitely challenged. As the course progressed, Cindy became our biggest cheerleader, working with all participants in effort for us to succeed. I appreciated that very much. I did this program at 66 and 1/2 years of age. I have gained an incredible appreciation for the skills needed and qualifications of professional life guards. I am incredibly proud to have successfully completed the program knowing that I was clearly much older than other participants and Cindy didn't cut me any slack. It has also inspired me to continue swimming and continue my physical conditioning in order to maintain my skill and certification going forward."

James S.  

   American Red Cross - Lifeguarding

"My son loves golf now, thanks to your program!"

Adrienne S.  

   Milwaukee Area Youth Golf Academy Junior Golf Camp

"A fun thing to do with family in the off season. My kids love having the ability to do this. Convenient time and location. Beautiful facility. "


   Family Ice Skating

"Caleb and the coaches, inclusive and encouraging atmosphere. Kind kids and families! "


   Youth Softball League

"Counselors were amazing and interacted really well with the kids. Swimming was well organized, and there were lots of games and activities. My boys loved every day and have already asked if they can go again next year. "


   Camp at the Hills

"Instructors were amazing. They took the time to help 1x1 and provided a great tennis experience." "This was such an amazing experience. It was one of our favorites part of summer. "


   Beginning Tennis Lessons

"I have taken many Spanish courses over the years, and Rosalba is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I feel very fortunate to have happened upon this course. "


   Adult Spanish

"Our son loves this program and has learned a lot. It's a highlight of his week"


   Young Rembrandts

"Senora Rosalba was incredible! i learned so much and loved how much I was encouraged to speak Spanish in and out of class."


   Adult Spanish

"Marty’s enthusiastic engagement, encouragement & continual coaching (both positive & what to improve) regardless of how full the class was on that night. Marty’s ability to quickly adapt drills to # of participants kept us all on our toes. He’s the type on instructor you don’t want to let down with a bad shot which makes everyone naturally excel. He clearly loves the sport & coaching. "

Susan W.  

   Adult Intermediate Tennis

"Great to be playing tennis with an awesome coach who cares and fellow tennis enthusiasts."


   Adult Intermediate Tennis

"The pretzels were delicious, loved the variety adding seasonings, making salads with croutons and Ms Neyer was warm, positive and generous sharing extras with parents. The cost was very reasonable too."


   Pretzel Making

"Instructor was very well prepared. I learned a lot and the pretzels were delicious!"


   Pretzel Making

"It was surprisingly interesting and instructive to paint the same thing using different techniques and styles. The demonstrations were inspiring."


   15 Paintings

"Head person runs the program exceptionally well; hot dogs, Sprecher Root beer, and Knights popcorn were DELICIOUS; EVERYONE WAS SUPER NICE!"

Jim M.  

   Sheepshead Tournament

"It's such a friendly atmosphere and I love how much you can learn from other students in the class who have taken it longer than you"


   Stained Glass

"CT Krueger is well versed on technology for the courses he teaches. I plan to take some more of his courses to continue to better myself with his expertise of technology. I was very pleased!"

Nancy O.  

   Smartphone Video & Editing

"Becki is such a great teacher and talented artist. I look forward to taking more classes with her."


   15 Paintings

"Judy is an excellent teacher who encourages the students to try new techniques that can be challenging. She is very kind and encourages painters at various skill levels. "

Diane S.  


"The instructor, Cindy was great. She obviously loves what she does and put her heart and soul into teaching and it shows."



"The halls were always clean & walking the school halls were very pleasant."


   Walk The Halls

"I’m so proud and impressed with the way that your program set up the kids with no cuts and equal teams for them to all build their skills. They made so much growth and learned so much. Im very thankful proud and impressed. "

Katie R.  

   Jr. Knight Select Boys Basketball

"Our coach’s dedication to the team and helping them grow as players. Also the camaraderie the boys developed over the course of the season. "

Laura R.  

   Jr. Knights Select Boys Basketball

"My kids' swimming skills have improved so much. They enjoy going to swim lessons. Also, price is very reasonable."

Laura K.  

   Swim Lessons

"Coach Malcolm and his assistants are excellent teachers of hitting and fantastic leaders of our children. We have participated for three years now; my son loves it."


   Hit RX Hitting Sessions

"Amazing bonding experience with my son, great instructor, great price for the sessions, pool temperature was perfect!"

Charlotte W.  

   Parent/Tot Swim Level 1

"Instructor and his wife were very organized. Very generous with handouts & info. Clear, friendly presenter. Took the anxiety out of bread making. I was amazed he could show each step of the process plus have bread to taste."


   Rustic Sour Dough Breadmaking

"Moved at a comfortable pace. The instructors made things fun and kept us wanting to come back. "


   Just Move

"This was outstanding! Coach James was fantastic with the kids, and Bennett learned a TON! This was an outstanding experience!!"

Brooklyn H.  

   1st & 2nd Grade Basketball League

"The instructor was very informative, positive and engaged with the children at their level of understanding. Over the 4 week class there was great growth that we observed."


   Hit RX Hitting Sessions

"Safe and fun place for my little guy to run around, Mrs. Klute is so great with kids, perfect way to expose young kids to Taekwondo. "

Katie F.  

   Mommy and Me Little Dragons

"The encouragement and patience is amazing"


   J. K. Lee Karate

"The instructor is very friendly and interactive and teaches key positions and moves and reviews the games and asks questions on why certain move was made and what other options, etc."

Vinod S.  


"With only 5 classes, my kids can now skate at a basic level!"


   Learn To Skate

"Cindy is just an incredible instructor. She knows her stuff, accommodates personal issues as necessary, and can tell you why specific exercises are important. She also is working across a large number of people across a rather large age range. She is amazing."

Ronald M.  

   Aero Swim

"Cindy does a great job work with a group where the individual's abilities are widely varied. She works with each person at their own level, making sure that everyone gets enough time and attention to be engaged in learning and practice." "My swimming skills have improved greatly after taking Teen/Adult Swim for the last 2 sessions. Thanks to Cindy for the great training and attention!"

Jim B.  

   Adult Swim Lessons

"The teacher is very talented and freely shares all her techniques with the participants. She creates a welcoming atmosphere for students with different levels of talent and different ways of creating art. The demos are very helpful."

Diane S.  

   Watercolor Painting

The class consisted of a nice group of people, and the instructor was very generous with his insights into the game.


   Beginners Sheepshead

"Malcolm is simply the most patient kind knowledgeable instructor there can be we are lucky he is here in this town." "Thank you so much for this opportunity as my son needs someone with tons of patience, Malcolm definitely has it! "

Francine K.  

   Hit RX Hitting Sessions

"We had such a great time. The food was great. The instructor was really nice. It was easy to participate and we left with full bellies and sooo much great food!"

Robyn S.  

   Parent & Child Baking - Play Dough Time!

"This is the best Spanish conversation class I have ever taken -- one of the best Spanish classes I have ever taken. Rosalba is a treasure. "


   Spanish Conversation

"Thanks so much to all of the staff and students who volunteered their time to help make this amazing event happen! It was a big success for me and my small creative business."

Chelsea D.  

   Autumn Artisan's Fair

"Cindy S. is a great instructor for Aero Swim as she can accommodate participant physical limitations with alternative ways to participate. For example, I have chronic shoulder and knee arthritis and Cindy works with me to keep swimming."

Diane M.  

   Aero Swim Water Aerobics

"The teacher taught well and brings a lot of enthusiasm. This program exceeds my expectations"

Maria B.  

   Underwater Currents - water aerobics

"Creative, engaging activities. Very good communication with this age group. Molly is great with the little kids, but so are all the other teachers!"



"Wonderful instructor, small class size, small shallow pool, good use of short class time, maintained focus of skill goals"


   Swim Lessons

"He is an excellent teacher...careful, patient and made the information easy to understand"

Patricia S.  

   iPad/iPhone Tips, Tricks and Techniques

"Incredible resource - So generous at sharing from his own learning and tips he’s picked up along the way. Very nice guy - His enthusiasm for baking was contagious!"

Joe W.  

   Rustic Sour Dough Bread

The instructors who led our gymnastics party were amazing. They were incredible with the kids. All the parents were really impressed with them.

Jodie H.  

   Gymnastics Birthday Party

"Miss Molly is phenomenal - she meets the kids where they are and is able to motivate each kiddo individually."



"The instructors - both Molly and the High Schoolers bring experience, positive energy, and the *patience* these kids need. I was impressed every day."

Eric N.  


"The instructor was wonderful! My toddler enjoyed the weekly plans and routines."


   Toddler Gymnastics

Ms Jill and her staff are great. Very professional and well learned staff.

Chintan Shah  

   Learn To Skate

Positive approach to teaching fundamentals of softball/baseball


   Youth Softball

"I'd like to take a moment to comment on how great Miss Cindy is! My 3 kids have been taking swim lessons with her for 8 years, and we drive out of our way to do it because she is so skilled. She is an extremely effective swim teacher who really gets kids swimming quickly. She is kind yet firm and pushes kids in a positive way. She is enthusiastic and passionate about water safety. She is dedicated, organized, efficient and caring. She really helped me as a mom when my kids were scared of the water and would start each class crying. Cindy is a true gem and the highlight of the Rec Dept swim program!! I recommend lessons with Cindy to all my friends."

Kelly Z.  

   Swim Lessons

"Super fun. Great coaching and drills. Lighthearted while giving great feedback."

Kyle C.  

   Adult Beginner Tennis Lessons

"CINDY!! She is amazing - engaging sessions, always different - she is motivating, kind and a tremendous asset to Nicolet rec."


"Cindy is extremely highly trained. Appreciated her instruction for our little."


   Swim Lessons

"Mrs Cindy is HANDS DOWN the best swim instructor EVER! We have attended classes with her from Level 1 all the way through Adult Lessons. Our children will continue enrolling as long as she is the instructor!!!"

Caban Family  

   Swim Lessons

"Thank you Cindy for all your hard work to keep expectations high! Lucas has always enjoyed learning from you."

Christine L.  

   Swim Lessons

"Coaches Andrew & Ronnie we’re amazing with the kids. The program was well organized and my daughter had so much fun and learned a lot!"
- Participant, Soccer Skills & Scrimmage Camp

"My daughter enjoyed the camp. She learned new skills and had fun playing. The coaches were encouraging and great."
- Participant, Soccer Skills & Scrimmage Camp

"Instructor was clearly passionate about the topic, and an expert breadmaker. The bread itself was delicious! I liked that we went home with sour dough starter."
- Participant, Rustic Sour Dough Bread

"Well prepared instructor and excellent communication prior to class."
- Participant, Rustic Sour Dough Bread

"Party hosts were awesome! The kids had so much fun with the games and obstacle course."
- Holly W, Gymnastics Birthday Party

"Excellent instruction. One of the best Spanish classes I've ever taken (and I've taken a lot, over the years)"
- Participant, Adult Spanish

"Rosalba Romero is an outstanding instructor and makes the sessions fun. Also, the students in the class have bonded, so there is great camaraderie."
- Donald S, Adult Spanish

"Rosalba is the best language teacher i have ever had because she understands what students are going through. She's empathetic!!"
-Luann, Adult Spanish

"Jenny Lee is a pro! Organized, knowledgeable, professional, helpful! I learned several tricks of general cooking I didn?t know before. Her enthusiasm for her heritage is contagious. Great communication before and after!"
- Participant, Korean Weeknight Dinner

"The instructors are outstanding. Very patient, very kind and very effective in teaching the children."
- John K, Intro To Soccer

"Despite the large group of young children, the Coaches were able to maintain control of the group and create a positive environment for learning. My young son looked forward to coming every week."
- Parent, Intro To Soccer

"It was so much fun singing dancing and making music with all the kiddos!"
- Parent, Zumbini

"We loved the songs, dancing (guided & free), instrument play?.. fantastic all around!"
- Lizzie P, Zumbini

"A great creative space in which to collaborate with other artists while pursuing our individual projects." 
 - Donna E, Open Art Studio

"Thanks for everything that you do! Cindy and her team are amazing!!"
- Participant, Swim Lessons

"Love Ms. Cindy, she is the best! No nonsense!"
- Participant, Swim Lessons

"Positive reinforcement provided by the teacher. She was so great with out 2.5 year old to get her to try different things."
- Participant, Swim Lessons

"Cindy changed up the workouts enough to keep up enjoyment and hit different muscle groups. Cindy is very knowledgeable and personable making the class fun."
- Dave B, Get Your Boots Wet

"Cindy is committed and is constantly brining new, challenging programs to the class - she is fabulous!"
 - Stacey F, Get Your Boots Wet

"The instructor does a great job mixing up the focus each week - sometimes upper body, sometimes core - while still maintaining a sense of continuity and full body workout every time."
- Participant, Water Aerobics

"Thank you to the teachers for making this after school activity so much fun. My son looked forward to it every month. What a wonderful opportunity for youngsters. I also saw how much he improved in his ability to independently build legos by following the instructions."
- Parent, Lego League

"The teacher challenges students to think differently and try new techniques. Her demonstrations are very helpful. We're lucky that such a good artist is also a good teacher."
- Diane S, Watercolors

"These classes have inspired our son to be more artistic. We offered that he come home on the bus on Friday's starting this next week and that he skip the next session. He was so disappointed and said we must sign him up for the class through the end of the year."
- Rebecca G, Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes

"Molly is wonderful and her new group of high school coaches are top notch."
- Parent, Gymnastics

"The food was easy and quick to make and was delicious."
- Participant, Indian Vegetables Cooking

"Molly is great - this is my second child going through the program and think she does a fantastic job - the kids have a great time! Molly is very warm and sweet with the little ones (even if they are nervous or shy) and its really fun to see the kids grow in their skill and comfort level."
- Debbie A, Gymnastics

"Working along side others, sharing ideas, watching their project progress, listening to wisdom from others who have experience."
- Participant, Stained Glass

"I learn so much from Marion. And she has inspired me to take on this art as a hobby I am committed to!"
- Participant, Stained Glass

"knowledgeable, patient instructors, these men are the real deal!!!"
- Parent, Winter Baseball Camp

"The instructor Miss Sandy in particular is the best. Our son adores her. His favorite thing is to go to Lego league! Also the kids on the class are friendly, the age group is perfect and it is nice that some of the same kids go each time so they get to know each other!"
"Thank you for offering this program for the kids. It is a great starter program for younger kids to learn Legos. Our older son participated in the FLL Robotics program at Nicolet, we are grateful this program is available for his younger sibling."
 - Deborah A, Lego League

"Nancy was always friendly when we came in. It's a good place to walk when it's too dark and cold outside in the winter. Will definitely come back next year."
- Mary S, Walk The Halls

"Johnny Albrightson is a wonderful coach for the kids. Patient, kind, knowledgeable. He always takes the time after practice to stay longer and work with kids with any concerns. We'll stay in the program forever as long as Johnny continues to coach :)"
- Parent, Knights Swim Team

"The coaching staff is excellent - encouraging, fun, and skilled. They fully engaged with the kids - so appreciated!"
 - Parent, Knights Swim Team

"Malcolm and his entire crew are fantastic. They know hitting, can relate to kids, and are genuinely wonderful individuals."
- Andrew S, Winter Baseball Camp

"Coach Malcolm and his team of coaches did a good job of working on the basic skills of hitting and analyzing the participants swings."
 - Parent, Winter Baseball Camp

"Excellent instructor. Loved the safety training. The pool was a nice temperature."
- Katie N, Swim Lessons

"My daughter learned while having fun and came home with new knowledge/facts every week!"
- Parent, Mad Science

"This program has inspired my son to be more artistic and love drawing on his own at home."
- Parent, Young Rembrandts Drawing Classes

"Molly was top notch and the new coach with the short blonde/white hair is wonderful. Very enthusiastic and empowering for the girls."
- Parent, Gymnastics

"Erica reads the room and participants so well, I feel like she has prepared the lesson for each of us." "Erica is a gem. She does a wonderful job of activating our bodies and encouraging us to move our bodies further an further in a gentle way."
- Sonja P, Chair Yoga

"Absolutely loved this class. Highly recommend to others. Yes, the instructor was engaging, knowledgeable and personable. Benefits of the practice are already felt.
- Participant, Ba Duan Jin

"Very well organized to cover every step of a multi day process in an hour and a half. With fresh baked bread and honey from Steve's bees."
- Participant, Rustic Sour Dough Bread class

"The instructor was very engaging for the children. She guided them in their painting project while still encouraging them to creatively make it their own. She was great at keeping the children on task and having fun."
- Patricia O, Youth Painting Class

"Our son loves this class. The teacher gives him a lot of positive reinforcement and encouragement. The steps and skills are simple, but combine into creating a beautiful drawing every week. He has a tremendous sense of accomplishment after every class." 
- Rebecca G, Young Rembrandts

"The environment, everything is clean, the personnel try the best to follow CDC safety rules for COVID and safe distancing, the teacher is always accommodating my daughter's needs, she is calm and is able to work with my daughter even when she does not collaborate so much"
"Thanks for having this class, it is the only one available that allow me to go with my daughter, after almost 2 years she is swimming with Cindy, she finally is able to swim almost by herself, which I never thought it could happen!"

- Parent, Special Need Swim Lessons

"Mrs Cindy is an experienced instructor with skills to handle disruptive or challenging students so that all can learn."
- Parent, Swim Lessons

"Cindy is great. She expertly blends instruction and fun into a beneficial swim-lesson experience."
- Ben W, Swim Lessons

"Love Molly and her assistants from the high school team. Such great role models for future gymnasts."
- Jeffery J, Gymnastics

"The instructor had a great personality and demeanor for youth instruction."
- Lisa C, Youth Painting Class

"The instructors/teachers were awesome. Really patient and encouraging to all the kids. The kids got to learn about building and also enjoyed free play time with the Lego blocks. Perfect mix."
- Deborah A, Indian Hill's Lego League

"Jacqui offered terrific patterns. She is always very patient. We have students of different abilities in the class, and she tries to meet everyone's need. She has a great sense of humor."
- Participant, Ballroom Dance

"Great teacher and fun learning to play and a nice group of people."
- Kiara, Beginners Sheepshead

"Easy set up. Molly knows how to run the best party. The girls had the best time. Thanks for making having a birthday party so easy!"
- Rachael B, Gymnastics Birthday Party

"Cindy is absolutely wonderful! She varies course material and makes every class fund and engaging!"
- Stacey, Water Aerobics

"Rosalba Romero is the perfect instructor for this program. She is pleasant, engaging and very competent."
- Donald S, Adult Spanish

"The person who works at the reception desk and buzzes us in is very friendly, always greeting us and saying bye as we leave. It is a nice start and end to the evening. Also, I'm grateful that Nicolet Rec. Dept. offers these language classes."
- Participant, Adult Spanish Classes

"Well organized. Perfect introduction to organized football for kids of all skill levels."
- Parent, Flag Football

"Ms. Molly's commitment to the girls growth is what continually brings us back, she is amazing!"
- Monique B, Gymnastics

"My son really enjoyed the program. Best ever."
- Yinbo B, Flag Football

"The instructor is a good educator. Speaks clearly and slowly enough as new points are made. It is helpful he had a large smart board to illustrate what he talked about. Patient with beginners."
- Participant, Intro To Computers

"The instructor Mike Brown is the BEST!!! His patience and knowledge,ability to teach these skills is so incredible!"
- Participant, Computers

"program content and manor of presentation, clarity, taking time for everyone in class"
Julianne K - Intro To Computers

"Steve was a great teacher! He imparted very clear and concise information, along with a very enjoyable sense of humor. I truly enjoyed the class, and felt I gained a comfort level in being able to make my own bread!"
- Gail, Rustic Sour Dough Bread

"Instructor is delightful, is patient with all questions and clearly loves to share his knowledge.
Fun class, the instructor provided us with everything we needed to get started on making our own bread. Lots of beneficial information was given. The bread was delicious, the 90 minutes flew by."

- Barbara, Rustic Sour Dough Bread

"Mrs. Klute was great with the kids! very attentive, friendly, approachable and fun!"
- Parent, Mom & Me Little Dragons

"The instructors were amazing. Our son has some anxiety starting new programs and had never been to Indian Hills school before. They were so good with him, made him feel safe and comfortable right off the bat. He had a great time, made a new friend and learned new Lego builds."
- Parent, Lego League

"Very informative, great teacher, took time for individual help as needed."
- Karen M, Adult Golf Lessons

"It was amazing to see how quickly the kids caught on and learned! I appreciate that it was on a weekday after work so broke up the week nicely but still works for parents who work."
- Parent, Youth Softball

"Rosalba Romero is a truly excellent instructor. Her skill, enthusiasm and (thankfully) patience makes her classes a real joy to attend."
- Donald S, Conversational Spanish

"The positive energy expressed by staff, volunteers, parents, kids, etc., was amazing this year. Thank you for all the efforts to make this a successful season!"
- Carrie K, Youth Softball

"Jeff Fishbach was really great...always kept us informed and my girls really loved summer running club. They never missed a session!"
- Parent, Running Club

"Amy L the instructor did a phenomenal job with teaching various ages. I attended both weeks with my children and they had a great time!!"
- Laura L, Summer Roller Skating Club

"Great counselors, great experiences and a wonderful exposure to outdoor activities."
- Allison D, Summer Adventure Camp

"Teacher experience, taught well- for conceptual and experiential understanding."
- Lucas G, Professional CPR

"Cindy was super helpful before taking the test and went over a lot of the questions on the test. I thought she was VERY knowledgeable of the course and the material. She helped me a lot be a better Instructor for teaching the Red Cross Swim Lessons."
- Mariah R, Water Safety Instruction Class

"Instruction was very personalized and the COVID measures were appreciated."
- Parent, Swim Lessons

"My son has renewed interest in chess and is now playing us and playing on-line. Thanks!"
- Parent, Chess Scholars Camp

"gosh, where to start...we simply love 360, its positive coaching approach, the tough love/nudge as needed, and all the coaches we've had are fantastic! Plus there's #workhardgetbetterhavefun Approachable and understandable mottos are actually very hard to come up with. Kudos!"
- Ann E, 360 Volleyball Academy

"Engaging counselors, fun activities. Appreciated direct link-up with Parkway/Glen Hills' Summer Academy program."
- Parent, Camp At The Hills

"Teacher was very nice and made the class fun! My child enjoyed the 4 days and was sad when it was over."
- Parent, Cooking with Science

"Jacqui always makes the class fun, easy going, but at the same time teaching us new dances, techniques, etc."
- Participant, Ballroom Dance

"Molly is so energetic and such an awesome teacher."
- Marissa S, Gymnastics

"The quality of the projects - they are gift worthy and beautiful and very special. Also, because they had several hours each day, they could really spend a lot of time on each project. The class was small so they were able to each get a lot of attention and get to know each other well."
- Sarah K, Arts And Crafts

"My daughter loved going to see Miss Molly every week, and I have noticed her being more confident at the playground when she climbs!"
- Lauren L, Gymnastics

"Instructor was knowledgeable and kind and the class was very enjoyable while being challenging."
- Participant, Intermediate Adult Tennis Instruction

"Yes! We specifically drive from Tosa to go to gymnastics here because it's such a great program!"
"Miss Molly and her assistants are all super nice, fun, and help my little one feel like a pro!"

- Tiffany H, Gymnastics 

"Lots of good info was passed out for us to use and other items were used in the classes to emphasize points. Very good visuals! The class was both informative and enjoyable."
- Participant, I'm Retired

"My kids absolutely loved this program and Ms. Molly!"
- Lindsey A, Gymnastics

"Rosalba Romero is a truly outstanding instructor. Knowledgeable and patient, she is the perfect teacher for the part-time adult student who is interested in improving their Spanish language skills."
- Donald S, Adult Spanish

"Jo was great with the kids and her energy is infectious!"
- Jennifer A, Zumbini

"Social distancing class. Great instructor. Clean facilities."
- Tracy K, Zumba

"This water fitness class is fantastic. The instructor is top-notch - knows what she's doing and communicates well to the class. She mixes it up well with both standard and varied exercises from week to week. We always have a full body workout while still focusing on different areas each week."
- Participant, Water Aerobics

"Miss Cindy is a fantastic teacher."
- Parent, Swim Lessons

"The demos were very helpful for acquiring new techniques. Judy encouraged the class to see art in new ways. It was a great for sharing artworks and gaining feedback as well as inspiration."
- Diane S, Watercolor Painting

"Instructor knowledge and helpfulness throughout the program. Interaction with other participants was very positive."
- Participant, Stained Glass

"Instructor did a great job of connecting with kids while also providing structure."
- Chris S, Gymnastics

"Friendly instructor, started on time and ended on time; gave us an intense and fun workout."
- Olivia, Zumba

"Excellent professionalism and very helpful information."
- Participant, Home Selling/Buying

"Really enjoyed the option of walking indoors during the really cold and snowy days. Thank you!!"
- Participant, Walk The Halls

"Cindy did a great job and the adjustments made for COVID helped make the experience comfortable."
- Parent, Swim Lessons

"Miss Molly does a great job letting the kids "work" at their own paces, with a variety of activities each day so that there are always a few 'favorites' in the mix."
- Parent, Gymnastics

"Coach Molly is wonderful. Always positive and takes time to let individual parents know what their kids need to work on."
- Bethany B, Gymnastics

"Miss Cindy did a great job with the kids. It was nice having a small class size. My girls are excited to practice the new skills they learned."
- Parent, Swim Lessons

"The program is designed to teach so much more than volleyball. The girls learn teamwork, responsibility and leadership skills."
- Maureen, Advanced Training Program

"Mrs. Lingard does a great job creating fun, healthy clubs for kids. I hope she has more coming. Thank you! "
- Parent, Sledding Club

"The kids loved it, just being able to be with other kids and enjoy some time outside and with teachers they haven't been able to see in person!" - Jenny W, Sledding Club

"Instructor attentive to making the class adaptive different levels of fitness. Instructor has created an attractive and safe classroom, including an air purifier."
- Participant, Flow Yoga

"The instructor was very nice and helpful. It was nice having a small class because my son got more individual attention. My son loved going to swim class each week and learned a lot!"
- Becca L, Swim Lessons

"The instructors made the class fun, my child felt comfortable from the beginning even though she was very new to ice skating."
- Parent, Ice Skating

"For those of us who can't get on the floor for "mat" yoga - this class is perfect! And Erica is the best teacher!"
- Peggy Taylor, Chair Yoga

"My daughter looks forward to swim lessons all week long!! It is the first thing she shares with family and friends and she really enjoys it."
- Parent, Swim Lessons

"Miss Molly as always! Alfred and Nate are always available for questions!"
- Parent, Gymnastics

"Miss Molly takes the time to individually instruct kids, hard to do with 3 year olds!"
- Tom A, Gymnastics

"Yes, I am challenged and learn something new every time I take the next stained-glass class. Marion, provides wonderful insight into different techniques and has been he beneficial instructor."
- Juliana S, Stained Glass

"Great teacher, Wonderful positive attitude, Amazing ability, Great environment, Fun songs"
- Jessica S, Line Dance Party

"Judy is so positive and encouraging. She welcomes diversity of styles. Our group is very cohesive as a result."
- Judi Ruppel, Watercolor Painting

"Very supportive environment for painters at different levels. The teacher provided some unique techniques and useful demos."
- Diane S. Watercolor Painting

"Instructor is terrific!"
- Denise, Intro To Computers

"Can't thank the instructors enough. With so much that isn't "normal" right now - once a week my daughter and niece were carefree little girls and just had fun together. I was so grateful to see the performance!"
- Parent, Pre-Ballet

"Rosalba Romero is truly a good teacher who understands the difficulty of learning a new language so she takes it as slowly as possible."
- Luann, Conversational Spanish

"Rosalba Romero is an excellent instructor whose patience, expertise and (especially) warm personality make her classes both fun and effective! She is a treasure."
- Donald S, Conversational Spanish

"Very energetic instructors and lots of flexibility to have classes virtually."
- Participant, Jazzercise

"Talented and supportive instructor, Jill is the best!"
- Sally M, Learn To Skate For Adults

"Marty is the best, a true gem. Nicolet Rec does a great job of attracting talent for adult rec program."
- Katharine M, Adult Tennis Instruction

"Instilled a different approach to team sports than what my child has experience with. The team dynamics were suitable for my child who expressed positive thoughts about his football teammates, especially the 6th graders who served as role models."
Parent, Jr. Knights Football

"The children formed bonds with each other as well as with the coaching staff."
- Leslie H, Jr. Knights Football

"My son loves swimming and Miss Cindy!"
- Jennifer W, Swim Lessons

"My daughter loves the gymnastics program and the coaches!"
- Parent, Gymnastics

"Great coaches, and overall program! Very well organized, and my son really enjoyed this! Thank you!"
- Jessica P, Flag Football

"Very organized and well run. The refs did a great job and really helped create a pleasant experience."
- Parent, Flag Football

"Coaches Nick K. and Jeff Zuithoff were kind, encouraging, and very inclusive in their playing time and on-the-field opportunities for the children. Caleb did a great job communicating about the status of the program before it launched."
- Jessie A, Flag Football

"My son is not the most athletically talented kid. He had the chance to play and the opportunity to contribute. That was great. Overall this program is relaxed and fun. The kids play hard, but it's about learning, working together, and having fun rather than "prepping for a lifetime in football" or whatever. It's a great program."
Parent - Flag Football

"My son only was able to attend two of these sessions but he absolutely loved this class. He loves to run and play but is not into organized sports. He was counting down the days until he had it again."
- Nora B, Run & Fun Club

"My son really enjoyed this class, the ability to be outside and see friends, meet new friends and run! He LOVED it!"
- Jennifer W, Run & Fun Club

"Lots of "hands on deck"- younger golfers helping, the professionals- everyone was gentle yet firm, consistent, and great."
- Brooklyn, Tiger Tots Golf

"Thank you for your hard work keeping kids safe during this stressful time but also giving them an opportunity to be active and interact with their peers!"
- Parent, Tennis Club

"My daughter felt she was able to improve the skills she already possessed. Love that the girls did other movement outside of volleyball. spacious gym, clear vball lines."
- Maya T, 360 Volleyball Skills Development Camp

"Erica Boos is excellent, providing quality program and guidance. We are fortunate to have her expertise." 
- Jackie M., Yoga Fitness

"Great teachers, and I felt safe sending my daughter there given everything that's going on because of the processes that were put in place and upheld."
- Mike H., Gymnastics

"The safety precautions for COVID were very well done. It was really nice to be able to still have the class and helps the kids maintain some sense of normalcy."
- Parent, Gymnastics 

"My daughter was excited to go! She loved learning CPR!" 
- Caitlyn C, Babysitting Camp

"Well organized and managed to maintain safety and fun during this unusual and difficult covid summer." 
- Parent, Running Club

"Kids were very happy and were encouraged to push their limits" - Parent, Running Club

"Coach Fishbach did an excellent job of training to maintain health precautions in the face of COVID. Having runners stay in their pods was a good solution." - Parent, Running Club

"Phil was an excellent teacher - knowledgeable, helpful, respectful, and fun." - Ashia G, Golf Lessons

"A terrific teacher that let the kids run with their imaginations." - Parent, Computer Explorers programs

"We were very impressed with the program. The instructions exceeded our expectations." - Parent, Pee Wee Tennis Lessons

"Great instructor and great assistants. I loved the drills and the faster pace. I have taken this a WFB and Shorewood too and this is by far the best experience I have had, even with covid." - Kate T, Adult Tennis Lessons

"Always appreciate Coach Dan's focus - work hard, have fun and get better. He does a good job of having his team of staff keep that in mind." - Jim C, 360 Volleyball Academy Camps

Proximity to home; time of day; river paddle was something I've always wanted to experience. Loved learning that this company worked closely with the Boys and Girls Club and bringing opportunities to Milwaukee's youth to enjoy Milwaukee's natural river ways. - Ronnie A, Sunset Paddle Trip

"Instructor's high level of engagement with participants Instructor's knowledge and professionalism." - Participant, Cooking Indian Breakfast in Quarantine

"I love how Cindy mixes in weights and resistance equipment to include both cardio and strength training." - Participant, Waves Water Aerobics

"Routine, organized, fun and engaging. Chris and Molly are amazing and have once again exceeded my expectations. My daughter was extremely excited about class every week and enjoyed participating each class. Thank you, Miss Chris and Miss Molly!!!" - Angela G, Gymnastics

"The children love being able to spend more time with their friends and love the teachers that host this!" - Parent, Friday Night Fun

"2nd year having a gymnastics party... Molly is great!! Having parties at Nicolet is so nice and easy!!" - Debbie A, Gymnastics Birthday Party

"Nina's power point presentation was very comprehensive, factual, expressed in anatomical facts, (as an RN I learned quite a bit). She was very straight-forward, held nothing back. & LOTS of 'knacks' to help a woman start dealing with the problem today. couldn't ask for more than that. Plaudits to Nina." - Carol, Balance Your Bladder

"My kids enjoyed the ability to try new things and they felt that they gained skills and improved as well." - Parent, Gymnastics At Parkway

"Instructor was great! Kept the kids engaged. Liked that you could bring your own food. Price was fair." - Beth F, Recreation Birthday Party

"The host has a lot of knowledge and experience and enthusiasm and it shows." - Liz L, Gymnastics Birthday Party

"These young ladies are amazing human beings! Thank you both for an amazing summer my children will remember because you were the best teachers! May you continue to have success and happiness. Congratulations!!"  - Parent, Youth Tennis Lessons

"Nice staff, fun games, staff played amazing with the children, great help, great clean up." - Crystal Scott, Birthday Party

"The coaches were all great!! I think they did a fantastic job encouraging all the girls. They did a great job working on the necessary skills ti improve as a softball player. The program was great to get the girls ready for high school softball." - Parent, Lady Knights Fastpitch Softball

"Cindy comes around to everyone to see how the progress is going. She really pushes the kids to try new things! She is a great instructor!" - Lisa, Swim Lessons

"Coach Chris and Coach Molly are wonderful! My daughter has been attending gymnastics through the rec dept since she was 1 1/2, and the coaches are always positive, encouraging, and kind while also teaching and modeling respect and responsibility. They are awesome!" - Parent, Gymnastics

"Instructor is genuinely interested in our success and provides a lot of one on one guidance." - Participant, Senior Strong Circuit

"The Character development. The coaches' love and flexibility with the kids and their various abilities. All of the boys were developed as players, learning the fundamentals of the game. My son actually worked hard AND HAD FUN. That's really important to me. Great community of parents as well." - Tammy R, Jr. Knights Select Boys Basketball

"I was very impressed with the whole experience. The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. It was nice that the class was small to allow for more questions and hands on work." - Molly O., Pet First Aid and CPR

"Grant said it was his best birthday party ever. A few kids said it was over too soon - time flew by for them!" - Kristi S., Birthday Party

"Judy does a great job of teaching new techniques in watercolor. I love her demonstrations, artwork critiques and her receptiveness to meet the needs of each painter no matter their skill level" - Watercolors Participant

"The coaches on our team went above and beyond! The true feeling of a family, I wish this season was actually longer!" - Monique Bernal, Flag Football

"Erica is tops in her field of Mindfulness or Yoga...and, her communication of adaptation for each individual is supportive and sensitive." - Participant, Yoga Fitness

"Katie, our lifeguard and host, was absolutely phenomenal. She gave one of the children attending, who did not swim and hadn't had any instruction, a little mini lesson. Katie's calm, encouraging presence and guidance put the girl totally at ease and by the end of the party she was swimming! Can't say enough about how much we loved Katie." - Darcy Hamlin, Pool Birthday Party

"Both Mr. Bob and Mrs. Smith offered students a great chance to grow and learn the basics of chess and apply them to games with peers. Our child--who was a novice with limited knowledge of the pieces, their names, and how they move-- now has strategies and vocabulary and enthusiasm for the game. Best of all, he engaged in positive competition with a growth mindset, experienced great personal growth, and had a lot of fun!" - Patty Sibbernsen and Max Wellenstein, Chess Camp

"After chess camp, my son is excited to play chess and feels confident about his abilities after playing with peers. He is now ready to enter tournaments. As much as he learned winning strategies, he also learned to lose with grace." - Amanda Singh, Chess Camp

"The instructor was SO nice and welcoming and used positive reinforcement with the kids. She saw what they could do, congratulate them and offer them to do the next harder one, challenge them to keep growing." - Monique Bernal, Computer Explorers

"Provided good fundamental understanding of the game. Dennis Staral is very knowledgeable and helpful." - Francis Yorio, Sheepshead

"The instructor is very engaging she works well with the kids, even with the young first timers. My child loved building. Plus the kids learn how to follow instructions and be respectful of the sets." - Amanda, Indian Hill's LEGO League

"I love the versatility of the space, equipment and supplies in the gym- the instructors are always transforming the space into something new and exciting for the kids."
"The instructors are phenomenal- so patient, motivating and kind! They really connect with the kids and take an interest in their personal growth. My daughter has gained a lot of confidence over the past couple sessions- special thanks to Miss Molly!"
- Parent, Gymnastics

"My daughter has been in the program since she was 3yrs old and she loves growing and learning new things. The teachers are always so in tune with each child and their individual needs." - Parent, Gymnastics