On 12/19/01, the NHS School Board adopted the following policy (1005.1) as it pertains to eligibility requirements for participation in Nicolet Recreation activities. Participation is divided into two categories: Resident and Non-Resident. Residency is established by meeting one or more of the following five requirements: 1)maintaining a primary address
or paying property taxes in Bayside, River Hills, Fox Point or Glendale. 2)Being currently enrolled in NHS. 3) Being enrolled a grade k through 8 elementary school in Bayside, River Hills, Fox Point or Glendale. 4) Being a NHS staff member or an immediate family member of a NHS staff member. 5) Being a graduate of NHS. Individuals who meet at least one of the above requirements are considered a resident and are eligible for the resident rates. Individuals who fail to meet at least one of the above requirements are eligible for participation at the higher non-resident rate.
On 7/23/01, the NHS School Board adopted the following policy (1005.2) as it pertains to resident and non-resident rates for recreation programs. When the resident fee is less than $100, the non-resident fee shall be a minimum of $10 greater than the resident fee. When the resident fee is greater than $100, the non-resident fee shall be a minimum of $20 greater than the resident fee. The program fees for non-residents shall be approximately 26% greater than the program fees for residents. Fees are never pro-rated.

Program Confirmation
Confirmation for programs that are registered via online will receive a receipt instantly upon registration.  Participants will receive a program reminder 24-48 hours before the program begins.  It is the responsibility of those registering to ensure that the participant attends the entire program.

Program Cancellations
Programs are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment. Fees for cancelled programs by the department due to low enrollment will be refunded. Occasionally a program may not meet due to inclement weather or facility rescheduling. The Department will try to reschedule a makeup session for such occasions.

Participant Guidelines
It is the objective of the Nicolet Recreation Department to provide a positive leisure experience for all participants. To ensure this, certain rules and policies are required for your safety and enjoyment as well as that of others:
(1) Show respect to all participants, staff, facilities and equipment. (2) Foul or obscene language and/or causing bodily harm to any staff member or participant will not be tolerated. Participants displaying inappropriate behavior may be permanently removed from the program, resulting in forfeiture of all fees. (3) Behavior that endangers the safety of participants in any way will not be tolerated. The Recreation Department reserves the right to dismiss participants whose behavior is determined to be a threat to the safety of themselves or others.

This designation is for the number of students needed to hold a program (min) and the number to fill the program (max). These guidelines are necessary to insure the best possible instruction for each class member. The Nicolet Recreation Department may increase or reduce program size if necessary.

Age/Grade Appropriate
For all programs, age/grade requirements will be as of the first day of the program, unless otherwise specified. These requirements are set to make instruction more consistent, and in most cases to insure safety, enjoyment and accomplishment.
Exceptions can only be made with the approval of the Director.

Photography/Video Policy
The Nicolet Recreation Department uses photos/videos of participants for promotional purposes. By registering for the program, you have granted us permission to use your photograph/video for promotional purposes unless otherwise noted.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Nicolet Recreation Department is committed to excellence by providing high-quality programs and services. If you or a family member are not satisfied with a program or service, please let us know.

Americans with Disabilities Act
The Nicolet Recreation Department complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. We will make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities who meet essential eligibility requirements for the desired program. Please contact the office at 351-7566 for more information. Recreation programs for children and adults with disabilities are also available throughout Milwaukee County and are provided by the following agencies:
Easter Seal Society Rec. Center
5151 South 6th Street, 482-0133
Milwaukee County Parks, Division of Special Rec.
General Information 645-4095
Milwaukee Public Schools, Division of Com. Rec.
Programs for Exceptional People 647-6065

Waiting Lists
Waiting lists are available for potential registrants who were unable to secure a registration because of a program reaching it maximum enrollment. The department will make every effort to accommodate those on a waiting list, but there are not guarantees. If an opening becomes available, you will be contacted in the order in which you were placed on the wait list. Wait lists are for current program
season only.

Alcohol and Tobacco Use on School Premises
The use of alcohol and tobacco on school grounds is strictly prohibited. This includes inside, outside or any near surrounding areas where school functions take place. Violators are subject to fines and forfeitures of program fees.

Special Consideration
The Nicolet Recreation Department believes all Nicolet School District youth should be able to participate in one or more of the exciting programs offered. For those families who meet the criteria for the Free School Meal Program, your child’s program fee can be reduced by 50%. A copy of your acceptance letter into Free School Meal Program is required; please submit with registration form. The Recreation Department does not want to exclude any youth who are unable to participate due to unemployment of the head of the family, illness or other hardships that might occur. If a family is unable to pay part of the fees for these reasons, they may contact the Recreation Department in writing and payment arrangements can be made so the child can take part in the program.

Seasonal Bulletins Delivered
The bulletin is delivered to every household in Bayside, Fox Point, Glendale, and River Hills 3 times a year.  The Fall bulletin is mailed in July, Winter/Spring in November and Summer in March.
Copies of the bulletin are also located at the North Shore Library, feeder schools and city halls.

Background Check Policy
The School Board adopted the following policy on July 25th, 2005: “The Nicolet High School District, including the recreation and athletic departments, reserves the right to perform a background check on any individual hired for employment. In an effort to provide a healthy and safe environment, a background check can also be performed on anyone working for a school district as a volunteer in a situation in which that individual would have private contact with community youth or students. This would include but is not limited to volunteers assigned to work in various recreation and athletic positions. This policy includes but is not limited to part-time employees, seasonal employees, rehired employees, prospective employees, current employees and volunteers. A “Wisconsin Criminal History Record Request” will be utilized when checking the particulars
of employees and volunteers.”

The Nicolet Recreation Department does not carry medical or accident insurance for any program participants. The Nicolet Recreation Department asks you to please review your own personal health insurance plan to be certain that you and your family have the proper coverage.

Notice of Non-Discrimination
The Nicolet School District does not discriminate in its educational programs, activities, or employment on the basis of race, color, religion or creed, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, sex, age, marital status status or handicap.

Adopted by the School Board on 4/30/03, the following policy exists:
Full refunds or full credits will be issued when the department cancels the program and will be issued, upon formal request, if a registrant withdraws from a program at least one week prior to the start of that program.
Full refunds minus a $10.00 withdrawal fee will be issued, upon formal request, when a registrant withdraws from a program.  No refunds will be issued once a program begins. Credits or partial credits may be granted at the discretion of the Director or NRAC under special circumstances (i.e. health, special family needs). Credits must be used within one year of issue.
Classes may be cancelled at the discretion of the instructor due to inclement weather. The instructor will attempt to schedule a make-up class; however, if it is not possible to schedule a make-up class, no refund will be issued for the cancelled class. A credit may be issued under the discretion of the Director.

Program Locations
The Nicolet Recreation Department offers programs at over 25 different locations throughout the community including but not limited to: Nicolet High School, Glen Hills Middle School, Bayside Middle School, Maple Dale Middle School, Parkway Elementary, Stormonth Elementary, Indian Hill Elementary, Good Hope School, Fox Point-Bayside LX Club, and Kletzsch Park.  This is done for the convenience of the customer.

The Nicolet Recreation Advisory Committee meets bi-monthly to assist the Nicolet Recreation Department in all aspects of community recreation. If you would like to be involved, please contact the Recreation office.

Facility Usage
The Recreation Department is responsible for the rental usage of the facilities at Nicolet High School. If you are interested in renting the facilities at NHS, contact the Recreation Department. Fees and charges are assigned as Board policy dictates.

Reduced Program Exclusions
We are very sorry but our reduced fee policy cannot apply to every program because of financial restrictions
placed on us. Thank you for your understanding. If finances are a concern, we will work with you to set up a convenient payment plan.  Please call us to find out which programs apply for the reduced rate.