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Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, leadership, and other factors.

1. A list of scholarships is available in the counseling office can be found in senior study hall and on the bulletin board across the counseling office.  Please Check this site Weekly. Scholarships are added/deleted based on their designated criterias and timelines. They are also listed below:

College Scholarships - scholarships specific to a particular college/university
General Scholarships - available to anyone that meets the criteria
Athletic Scholarships - exclusively for Nicolet athletics

2. Search for thousands of scholarships for free!

All Students

Compass - guiding students toward education and career opportunities
Fin Aid
Sallie Mae
Find Tuition
Merit Aid - university specific scholarships
My College Dollars
Questbridge - for high achieving low income students
Student Scholarships
Scholarship Experts
Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities
Beware of Scholarship Scams! - read more about these scams

Ethnicity Specific Scholarship Sites
United Negro College Fund
Black Excel
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
American Indian College Fund