Student Services

Naviance/Family Connection
  1. Access the Family Connection website:
  2. Put in your registration code (given to you by the counseling office).  If you do not have it, please contact your counselor and he/she will provide this information.
  3. Once in the site, take a good look at the home page:
    a.  Look at the Welcome Message.
    b.  Look to the left…check out all the additional website links (information here is invaluable to your college and career planning).
  4. Go to the “about me” folder at the top of the home page:
    a.  Under “official things”, go to “profile” and put in or correct family email addresses.
    b.  Under the “interesting things about me,” you can keep track of your favorite colleges and careers.  *Note you should fill out some inventories first (explained below).
  5. Go to the “careers” folder at the top of the home page:
    a.  Under the “what are my interests” section, go to “personality type.”  You can fill out an inventory which will give you information about your learning style.
    b.  Under the “what are my interests” section, go to the “career interest profiler” – you can fill out the inventory and find out what kinds of professions you might want to look into based on your answers to the profile.
    c.  Go to the “explore careers” section – you can search for careers by different methods (by career name and by career cluster).  Anytime you find something of interest in this area, you can “add it to my list” and it will keep the information for you.  You can spend hours in here if you wish!
  6. Go to the “colleges” folder at the top of the home page:
    a.  Under the “college research” section, you will find many ways to look at colleges…one example would be to go into “college search,” put in the parameters of your search and hit “show matches”…you will now have a list of schools that match your search.  As you can see, there are several other ways to search for colleges in that area.
    b.  Under the “my colleges” section, you can go into “colleges that I’m thinking about” – you will find colleges that you have already saved.  From here you can compare yourself to this college, move it to your application list, or remove it from your list.
    c.  Under the “my colleges” section, you can:  (*This section is for seniors only)
         1.  Go into “colleges that I’m applying to.”    
               a.  Initially, you will see a “Privacy Notice for the Common Application.”  You will need to fill this out first so that your counselor can fill out the school portion of your college application and send it to the college via eDocs (our electronic system).
                b.  Towards the bottom, you’ll see “Teacher Recommendations.”  Here is where you can make a written request either to your counselor or teachers for letters of recommendation.  Be as specific as you can be with the directions and also see the counselor or teacher in person for the request prior to doing the written request.

As you can see, there is much to explore on Family Connection.  We hope you find this site helpful in the college and career planning process.  If you have questions, please refer to your counselor or the counseling secretary.  Happy exploring and researching!