Student Services

ACT® Prep Program at Nicolet

In an effort to give Nicolet students a competitive advantage when taking the ACT®, the Nicolet High School District is partnering with nationally renowned ACT® tutor, Kreigh Knerr, to offer an ACT® prep program integrated into the current school day.

Kreigh Knerr is a Wisconsin-based expert who has worked privately with many students at Nicolet, as well as students throughout the world to raise their test scores. To learn more about his experience and qualifications visit

Mr. Knerr will be working in partnership with 14 Nicolet teachers who will provide individual tutoring in English, reading, math and science during already assigned Monday resource periods.

Nicolet is one of very few Wisconsin high schools to offer an ACT® prep program as part of the regular school day.


All Nicolet juniors are eligible to participate in The ACT® prep program; it is not required. The district firmly believes this opportunity will give our students the support and preparation they need to do their best on the ACT® next spring.


To encourage students and allow as many students as possible to participate, the district is covering the cost of Mr. Knerr’s time and the program itself.

A $49.00 charge will be added to each participant’s Skyward account to cover the cost of the required books and apps. This is the only out-of-pocket expense students are expected to pay. Financial assistance is available.


The ACT® prep program is entirely voluntary. Students will need to complete the online registration form in order to reserve their space. The registration deadline is October 26.


October 17
7:00pm - NHS Auditorium                 
Parent Information Night
Kreigh Knerr available to answer questions

October 19 (Early Release Day)
Full-length ACT® practice test administered
Students who opted to take the PSAT will be given the ACT to take home and self-score so that they are able to participate in the ACT prep program                    

October 26 (Early Release Day)     
1:30 - 3:30pm          
First Auditorium Session for Students with Kreigh Knerr

October 26                 
Registration Deadline

November 1 thru February 13       
Individualized instruction during Monday Resource Periods

November 9 (Early Release Day)               
1:30 - 3:30pm
Second Auditorium Session for Students with Kreigh Knerr

December 14 (Early Release Day)        
1:30 - 3:30pm      
Third Auditorium Session for Students with Kreigh Knerr

January 25 (Early Release Day)    
1:30 - 3:30pm             
Fourth Auditorium Session for Students with Kreigh Knerr

February 8 (Early Release Day)
1:30 - 3:30pm                  
Practice ACT® English & Math test administered

February 22 (Early Release Day)            
1:30 - 3:30pm   
Practice ACT® Reading & Science test administered

February 28                
Statewide ACT® administration to all Juniors during school day