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Guidelines for Collaboration
This document includes a few simple rules for collaboration that will help guide the group in a participatory, productive and respectful manner.

Understanding by Design Documents


Jay McTighe Identifying Enduring Understandings

How does one go about determining what is worth understanding amid a range of content standards and topics?



Understanding by Design Web Sites


Understanding by Design in a Nutshell


Pennsylvania Department of Education

Instructions for navigating this site: Select a content area from the left column (e.g., SAS Applied to Mathematics), select a grade range (e.g., 8-12) and then a course (e.g., Algebra 1) at the bottom of the page. Go to the “Curriculum Framework” tab to view Big Ideas (EUs).


Colorado Springs, CO

Using Understanding by Design to frame district curriculum.  Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions are easy to find on this site. Click on subject areas to see their curriculum work.


Grand Island, NE

From the HOME PAGE, click on “Learning”, then “Curricular Areas” then, “Course/grade level maps”, “enduring understandings”, “essential questions” and “philosophy and beliefs.”  The extended menus may take some getting used to.  Remember our old website?


Montgomery County Public Schools

Click on Subject Areas and Grade Levels to access “curriculum frameworks” (aka curriculum maps) in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The frameworks contain Understandings and Essential Questions.


Great Falls Public Schools-Counseling Curriculum

Look at the big ideas for samples of Enduring Understandings.


Montgomery County Public Schools-Counseling Curriculum

The Special Education Dept. may also find these Enduring Understandings applicable for the transition process.


AP Science Enduring Understandings

The College Board has adopted the Understanding by Design model and has modified the AP Science curricula to include Enduring Understandings.  Click on the Science icon along the right side to download the complete guide.



Assessment Toolkits

Authentic Assessment Toolbox



Information Technology Curriculum Frameworks

Canadian Academy IT Framework

Grand Island Public Schools Career and Tech Ed Curriculum Framework


Delaware Department of Education

Click on the Business Information Technology link.


Greece Central School District, New York

Click on the Microsoft Office link for Computer/Information Technology Enduring Understandings.


Rubric/Scoring Guide Resources
Rubrics for assessment from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.
Understanding the benefits of rubrics and how to create them.
Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators
How to Design Rubrics