Online Enrollment for New Students

Welcome to the online enrollment page!  

Parents/guardians must complete an enrollment application for each new student they wish to enroll at Nicolet.  

The resources on this page will provide a timeline of activities related to applying for enrollment for the 2017-18 school year, a detailed help guide that will walk you through the process of completing an enrollment application online and a link to the actual online registration site.  

The enrollment application for resident students and Chapter 220 students must by completed by January 27, 2017 for the fall semester of 2017.  

Parents/guardians of students interested in attending Nicolet through Open Enrollment should only complete the enrollment process below after receiving notification from the district that your child has been selected for open enrollment.  The open enrollment page will have information about applying Open Enrollment for the upcoming school year.

Click on a heading to open the document/site.

  • Letter from Principal Kabara
    • Outlines key dates for registration for incoming 9th grade students.
    • Provides an overview of the online enrollment application process.
  • Help Guide: Online Enrollment Application for New Students
    • Provides a detailed description of the online enrollment application process.
    • Includes screen shots to help navigate the application process.
  • Online Enrollment Application website-Choose the site based on whether you currently have a student attending Nicolet.
  • Enrollment Application in Languages Other than English
    • Parents wishing to submit student information forms in a language other than English, may click here to view forms in languages other than English.

NOTE:  Applications will only be approved if all required fields have been completed and forms submitted (online, via Mail or in person).  Your child will not be enrolled and will not be able to request courses until documents have been received and approved.