Web Links for Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members

Nicolet High School offers a variety of valuable resources to students, teachers, parents and community members in an effort to promote learning throughout our community.  If you are interested in obtaining more information about a particular resource, please feel free to contact john.reiels@nicolet.us or the person identified in the appropriate description below.

Nicolet Recreation Department

The Nicolet Recreation Department offers many programs featuring leisure activities and learning opportunities for all members of the Nicolet community. Please visit the Nicolet Recreation Department Web Page for more information.


BadgerLink is an online information service that is available to all Wisconsin residents. Its goal is to provide access to quality online information resources for Wisconsin residents in cooperation with the state's public, school, academic, and special libraries and Internet Service Providers. Most internet service providers in Wisconsin will be able to provide access without a login. In some instances, users may need to enter their public library ID number to gain access. This is a great way to access thousands of newspapers, magazines and professional journals quickly and easily. Visit BadgerLink today.

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has created recommended standards for academic subjects for the fourth, eight and twelfth grades. While Nicolet has in some instances, adopted their own standards, a visit to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction site will help teachers, parents and community members understand the scope of learning in the various subject areas.

Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.  The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the rea world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers.


WISEdash is a site maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for the purpose of displaying data dashboards relating to the performance of school districts based on a variety of measures.  The WISEdash site was created to help educators, parents and community members understand the data behind successful schools


Improve Your Software Skills with Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning is a service that features thousands of short (45 sec.-3 minute) animated clips that illustrate how to perform specific tasks within scores of different software applications on both the Mac and Windows platforms. This easy to use service is available to all current Nicolet students, parents and staff members. Access from inside Nicolet does not require a user name or password. Access from other locations require a login name and password. Please contact John.Reiels@nicolet.us
for that information.

Teacher Home Pages

Nicolet teachers host class information web pages as a reference for students and parents to be able to view grading practices and teacher contact information. Additionally, some teachers post information about current and upcoming class assignments. Your student will receive information about this in class and some teachers will distribute home page information during the "Back to School" night and parent conferences. Teacher web page links are available in Skyward Family Access, they are available by looking at the department information within the Academics tab on this web page, and they are accessible by searching our staff directory for the teacher's last name, which will return their email and their web address.


TurnItIn.com is a web based service that Nicolet uses for two primary purposes. Nicolet teachers use it to share papers anonymously so that students are able to write peer reviews of work that others in their classes are doing. They also use it to verify the citations that students make in papers that they write. Students who acquire information during the research process are required to properly document the source in their bibliography. This service enables teachers and students to verify that sources have been given proper credit in the bibliography.

Standards for Wisconsin Teachers

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has developed and published 10 standards for all teachers in the profession. The standards address the various facets of being a professional educator. While these standards will be used as part of the PI-34 recertification process , it is a good idea for all teachers to learn more about the standards and begin to participate in professional development in areas where they perceive a need for further study.

Lesson Planning Resources

Integrating technology into lessons can be a process that involves a great deal of work. Teachers should consider looking at existing materials prior to developing their own as it can save a great deal of time and bring some very powerful materials and resources into the classroom for students. This lesson planning tools website was compiled by John Reiels so that teachers can focus their efforts on bringing powerful learning activities and resources into the classroom without having to produce or find them all on their own.