Computer Labs, Tools and Other Resources

Nicolet High School offers a variety of valuable resources to students, teachers, parents and community members in an effort to promote learning throughout our community. The resources listed below are available to the groups identified in the table. Please take a moment to browse through the links for the group you are a part of. If you are interested in obtaining more information about a particular resource, please feel free to contact John Reiels or the person identified in the appropriate description below.


Wireless Network Access

Nicolet provides wireless access for Nicolet staff, students and guests.  Students may bring their own device to school if they so choose.  Once on campus, select the NicoletHS-BYOD network with your device.  Students and staff will be prompted for a login.  Guests will be provided access on the NicoletHS-Guest network.  Nicolet guests during the school day will be provided with a password.  Nicolet guests who are in the building after 5PM and on weekends, will not be required to login with a password, but will need to agree to specific terms and conditions of use.  All student and staff use of the wireless network, school owned devices, and personally owned communication devices, is guided by acceptable use policies and network use agreements.  Please see the Technology page of our website for links to various Board policies.


Computer Labs

Nicolet has three computer labs available for general access by the teaching staff. The Library computer lab, F109 and D-011 all have 30 computers. The computers have the standard student software configuration and have access to the Internet, networked library resources and network directories for file storage and access. All three labs have printers for student output of work. Teachers can reserve these labs online via our Staff Intranet. The F-109 and Library computer labs have easy to use, permanently installed LCD projectors and SMARTBoards. In addition to these three labs, there are five portable laptop carts with 30 laptop computers and a printer, four Chromebook carts and two iPad carts. These resources are available in the D-wing library and in department offices. Staff may register for these resources online as well through the Intranet site.

Hardware Resources

Staff and students can reserve AV resources in the Library. Resources include DVD players, LCD projectors, camcorders, digital cameras, photocopiers and the computer related equipment identified below.

Digital cameras are available for check out on a first come first served basis. The typical term of check out is not to exceed 3 days for the cameras because of the current demand.

LCD projectors, screens and audio sound systems for use in staff and student presentations are available in the Library.

Assistance is available if you need demonstrations on operating any of this equipment. Contact Debbie Krause (8220) for assistance in reserving these resources.

Flatbed image scanners for staff and general student use are available in the each department office and in the Library.

Software Resources

Nicolet computer labs have a standard set of software applications installed to serve the educational needs of our students. The lab computers will have Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office and numerous links for library resources.

Network Resources

Nicolet provides internet access, private network directories, e-mail accounts and network printing for all staff and students. These resources have been put in place to facilitate the safe and secure transfer and storage of files for all computer users at Nicolet. Students are expected to manage their private directory so that unnecessary files are archived or deleted in a timely manner. All files are backed up nightly. All students are expected to comply with the guidelines of the student acceptable use policy. Staff members have an acceptable use policy that they are expected to comply with as well. Details of the policies can be found in the student/parent handbook and teacher handbook.

e-mail Accounts

All students and staff are issued e-mail accounts. Student and staff e-mail addresses are firstname.lastname@nicolet.us. E-mail can be checked from home or other locations by visiting http://mail.google.com/a/nicolet.us and entering their username and password.

Students are encouraged to Google Drive to store their files.  This makes it easy to access files regardless of accessing from home or school. 

File Storage Options

Students and staff are encouraged to save their files in their Google Drive directory for ease of access from any networked device at home or school.

Reference Materials for Software and Hardware

Staff members seeking reference and/or training materials that relate to software programs can contact John Reiels (8164). 

The Library has a wide selection of periodicals that relate to computers and technology. In addition to that, John Reiels also has periodicals that relate specifically to the integration of technology into the curriculum. Please see the web page for the Library to get more information about electronic resources that are available to staff, students and community members.

Technical Support

Nicolet has a technical support team to help resolve technical problems. Technical support can be requested by using the SchoolDude link included in email. Please be sure to indicate details of the problem you are experiencing and the computer that it is occuring on.

Staff members who require assistance in learning how to do something with the computer should contact John Reiels for training and not the help desk for technical support.

"Smart" Technology Rooms

Nearly every classroom at Nicolet has an LCD projector, SMARTBoard and AV equipment installed. The AV equipment includes an audio out cable capable of connecting with FM transmitters for students who are hearing impaired.