Personalized Learning with Technology at Nicolet

Accelerating Achievement ~ Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day

Vision for Personalized Learning with Technology

  • Learning is student-centered, engaging and growth-oriented.

  • Learning is flexible and personalized for staff and students through the use of varied activities, resources and tools that make learning more engaging and accessible regardless of learning style.

  • Learning opportunities are limitless, extending beyond the classroom and beyond the school day.

  • Learning activities prepare students to be productive in a digital society for potential careers that do not yet fully exist.

  • Digital learning requires a purposeful cultural shift that focuses on engaging and inspiring our students, that fosters creative and innovative minds and embraces the enabling role of technology in expanding how, when and where learning takes place.

  • Students use 21st Century skills and resources to think critically, communicate and collaborate as they creatively solve problems and demonstrate understanding.

  • Curriculum is supported by carefully selected learning resources instead of chapters in a text book.

  • Assessment opportunities provide students with options in how they demonstrate proficiency in their learning objectives.

  • Formative assessment is routinely used to quickly assess student learning through multiple methods and styles for the purpose of informing instruction.

  • Students have equity of access to technology, high speed networks and digital resources for learning as a result of a one to one program.

  • Innovation is fostered through contemporary teaching and learning practices, expert support and training and flexible collaboration and learning spaces.

  • We exist in an international environment requiring a global set of competencies and responsible, ethical social practices.
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Nicolet began our transition to digital learning in fall, 2015.  Click the Personalized Learning with Technology link to the left to learn more!

Technology Policies

Student Acceptable Use Policy
Staff Acceptable Use Policy
Wireless Access to District Technology Resources
Personal Communication Devices