School Board

Mission Statement

As approved by the Nicolet High School Board on May 24, 2004

Transforming knowledge into wisdom...Nicolet High School promotes intellectual discovery, inspires creativity, embraces diversity, and encourages students to become enlightened, humane, responsible citizens.

Long-Range Goals

As approved by the Nicolet High School Board on February 18, 1999

  • Foster a climate at Nicolet High School that is: student centered, fair, safe, installs trust and encourages responsibility.
  • Maintain Nicolet's strong academic standards through continual evaluation.
  • Pair the pursuit of academic achievement with the developmental needs of all students.
  • Implement a plan to enhance effective communications which encourages partnerships with parents, staff, the community and other Nicolet stakeholders
  • Ensure that Nicolet's facilities, equipment and technology are adequate, safe, up-to-date and conducive to optimal education.
  • Maintain a healthy financial condition through sound financial policies and stewardship of tax dollars.